"My work is a reflection of my journey to understanding my inner self. I often create as a way to release the pressures that build as I continue to learn to navigate my neurodiversity, which includes bipolar 2, and various other comorbidities (like raging ADHD) that go along with it."

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, American artist Barbara (Barbi) Niblick relocated to Phoenix, AZ where she discovered her passion for painting. Mostly self-taught, Barbi is best known for her use of bright, vibrant colors in her abstract oil paintings.

An emotive painter, she often uses painting as a physical and emotional release to help her cope with the multiple symptoms and episodes she experiences as a neurodivergent adult. Abandoning rational thought, she allows the paint to speak for her, often painting with her hands because it acts as a conduit to connect the tactile experience to the emotions she feels.

Barbi hopes to bring awareness to mental health and personality disorders through her work and exhibitions. She states, β€œIt is important to make these disabilities seen and understood in order to remove the stigmas that society assigns to them.”